WordPress 4.9.3 RC

WordPress 4.9.3 RCを使っています。

WordPress 4.9.3 Betaからの変更点は以下。

  • Media: Avoid page scrolling when opening the media modal.
  • Code Editor: Add Ctrl/Cmd+F as aliases for persistent search for more intuitive behaviour.
  • Customize: Ensure customize_autosaved requests only use revision of logged-in user.
  • Customize: Ensure media playlists get initialized after selective refresh; expose new wp.playlist.initialize() API.
  • Customize: Ensure heartbeat keeps changeset locked when in branching mode.
  • Customize: Include nav menu item for Home custom link in search results for “Home”.

ちなみに、WordPress 4.9.3は2月5日にリリースされる予定です。